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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 12, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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it is a great book. >> now you got to get us out of here. >> that's it for us. see you tomorrow. mid. welcome to "red eye." where in the world is carmen san diego, and if by carmen san diego you mean my neck massager. now to andy levy for a pre game report. >> our top story tonight, jay-z responds to critics of his trip to cuba with a wrap. and we will investigate whether or not he used my just havana good time line. and he builds his lectures with anti-republican rants. the shocking story that is not even remotely shocking. seriously, how could you think that is shocking? and has an iranian scientist found a we to predict the future? he said tonight's "red eye" will be a good one, so let's wait and see. >> thanks for dinner, andy. >> i will get the neck massager back to you when it
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is cleaned up. >> actually i would prefer if you didn't. >> i cleaned it just to annoy you, actually. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so hot you can fry a catfish on her face. but what would you do that? it is disgusting. shut up, already. i am here with fox business network anchor, lori rothman. when she erupts i get $10. and he is so sharp he sweats machetes. it is a first time guest buck sexton and he is the co-host of "real news" on the blaze tv channel. and my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if hilarity was leaves he would get blown on my tront line every -- my front line every october, sherrod small. >> hash tag red eye.
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>> now time to mail in another one, right, greg? >> how did you know. it is thursday. that's when i mail it in. did he open the door for their commi tour and held hova to havana? the white house said president obama played no part in jay-z and beyonce's visit to cuba after the rapper posted a song suggesting otherwise. on the track, that's what they call them, open -- "open letter" opened this week, it boasts about the controversial trip like, boy from the hood, but got white house clearance. disgusting. let's listen fans of listening. >> ♪ boy from the hood ♪ but got white house clearance ♪ ♪ don't agree with your parents ♪ ♪ lie to me to start history ♪ ♪ want to give me fun ♪ let me commit a real crime ♪ ♪ you don't need this anyway ♪
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♪ chill with me on the beach ♪ >> i am disgusted by that. >> did bam get the couple on the lamb? jay carney says, hey, it is just a song. >> i guess nothing rhymes with treasury. because huer -- treasury offers and gives permission for travel. >> are are you saying the president did not have a conversation with jay-z? >> the president had nothing to do with anybody's travel to cuba. >> nothing rhymes with treasury? how about displeasurey? >> they said my pleasurey. >> are you a liar. anyway, all of this raises the question do corgis love cabbage?
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>> see, that is a metaphor for jay-z and american patriotism. he ripped it apart by going cuba. sherrod, i go to you first because you must know jay-z being an african-american. >> we were roommates for two summers. >> he is a real messy dude. >> he is? >> yes. >> does he owe you money? >> bullets and guns everywhere. pick up your gun, jay-z we have company coming over. he wouldn't listen. >> can you take him at his word he got white house clearance? >> no, it is a song, for the love of god. i love how they take rap so literally. every song is exactly what they said. you hear "wind beneath my wings" nobody really thinks you are the wind beneath anybody's wings. white people can get away with anything. >> that's right. when elvis was alive, he wasn't really a hound dog. why do we have to take rap literally?
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that's the only word i can think of. >> bragadocious. they brag, but everything is thought true. it is not a documentary. >> buck, welcome to the show. may i call you buck? >> please do. >> is this just a song or should obama be impeached and be beyonce sent to gitmo? >> just a song. i think jay carney missed an excellent opportunity to engage in a rap battle. >> they could say nothing rhymes are treasury. >> and he could say oh ya -- if rap lyrics were true there would be a bunch of people spending time in jail for shooting a lot of folks. >> and a lot of them did shoot a lot of folks. a much smaller category. >> lori, you actually majored in hip hop history in college. >> at usc.
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the heart of south central los angeles. >> i bet you were in a sorority. >> i did, but i quit. it was too regimented for me. >> you got tired of girls eating and throwing up? >> funny you mention that. >> that's all they do, right? that's all they do in sororities is eat and then throw up. and then they have to replace the pipes in the bathrooms because they are all corroded. >> that i can't confirm. >> i can confirm that. it happened when i was in school. >> why are we talking about me when we could be something that is running through your brain? >> don't take that. >> really? >> no, no. what do you think about the lyrics? >> you know what i think wept down? >> what went down girlfriend? >> they spent a lot of time at the inauguration. she sang the anthem, whatever and you know there was probably a lot of small talk and they probably discussed the idea, jay-z and beyonce about going to cuba.
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it wasn't official, but it was casually. >> that sounds plausible. give the super official exweather girl a chance. >> i am joking. >> what you say made sense for once. >> that was tough for you to say. >> if you were president wouldn't you want to do favors for people that were cool like carrottop and the late bill bigsby. >> that's what i'm saying. >> i would do that. >> that is legacy. >> gave carrottop conditioner. i am president. i can order that. why was there no uproar when jay-z partnered with kanye and it said they were smoking cubana with castro?
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isn't that a bigger deal? they talk about that and the same thing, kanye said he made jesus walk so he is never going to hell. i don't believe that. i don't think that is a free pass out of hell. why don't we examine that? >> my worry is they don't do their homework first. beyonce thought castro was a district where all of the men have great abs. >> i think the white house was way busy yes, sir trying to do -- busy yes, sir doing damage control. they are still trying to downplay that. you can't live with a black man not playing basketball. can't live with it. >> i kind of am expected to be goods at it. >> everybody loved erkel. >> he missed lay ups anpa would make. >> he is the president. i don't expect him to start dunking. >> i was happy he missed the shots so that means he is not focusing on it too much. >> the only thing that should be oval in his hands is the office. >> he is a nerd.
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he is not a basketball star. >> he should have done -- he should have turned it into a positive. he should have filmed something and said you know, i missed a lot of shots there. you kids don't miss your shots. remember to inoculate. >> he is busy with the drone program. >> that's why i should be running the world. >> you brought it back around. >> from cuba to campuses. he spews odium from a podium. i speak of the usc professor who peppers his lectures with anti-republican rantings. he teaches polly-sci and he calls them stupid and racist on the regular. he is seen here and looking extremely not republican and he said he is fed up with the lefty bias at school and started secretly recording his tirade. behold, beholder. >> 30% of registration in this space is really stupid. and racist.
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>> the republican party of california as i say all the time in the record -- on the record on print and on tv, it is the last vees teg -- vestige. >> i think he has unusual, odd coffee breath. sometimes you can tell the way they talk because they have a mustache. >> was that the same jay-z lyric? >> the professor tells fox news he has no regrets over any of his classroom lectures adding "i have said many times to many audiences that if the student told me he was taping my comments i still would have said that. i had this exact conversation with many of my republican colleagues and friends. yes, you have many republican colleagues and friends. bottom line, he hates conservatives as much as this cat hates knick-knacks.
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>> see, the metaphor here is the cat is jay-z and those knick-knacks are our constitution. just throwing it away. when we played tape of the professor you were nodding your head in agreement. do you agree with everything he said? >> that's not why i was nodding my head. i was nodding going, uh, why is a political science teacher so nonpartisan. usc is in the heart of south central and there is a famous film school and a very much hollywood scion location for students. and academia itself is liberal. somehow i turned out conservative. i don't know how that happened.
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>> sherrod, -- >> he sounds like a stupid racist. >> by the way, he hates old blackmails, but what it was black lesbian feminists? >> can't you hate them all? >> there is no law breaking -- you are not breaking a law by hating somebody. if you hate these old white dudes it is all right. you should teachers and both sides of it. show some balance. >> much like fox news. we are fair and balanced. how do you read this? he claims there is an open debate in the classroom, but i don't know if that is possible and if that is the guy grading your papers. >> he is not a good marxist or leftist. he is not even saying anything original. usually you have the college and there were a couple of guys with strange facial hair and they muttered to themselves. they didn't go for the patches. you drink with them and hang
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out and they were like, if only people took marks seriously. you are like, this guy is legit. a keith olberman speech, that's all it was. >> it was a guy who was brut -- who was brought up on a liberal tried and true humor. the stuff with ann romney was stuff you heard on so much tv shows because i didn't see any of them and i could be making it up. bill, you have been railing against liberal bias on campus for decades. is there any satisfaction in seeing it so vividly? >> none at all. mostly because of the poor camera work. the professor said and whether or not it is true or not about whether or not he would engage in debate, he said people are always allowed to engage and people are always allowed to raise their hand and argue. there is no tape where this guy does that. all he does was record what this guy is saying. rather than engage him, he waits until the course is over and puts it on his website. >> no more blue blazers.
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>> he is not going to go undercover either. that's a dead give away. >> i want to address bill. if you are legitimately worried you will get screwed on a grade, of course you will wait until the course is over. >> his argument would be better if he felt he did get screwed on a grade. he said i turned this on time and well researched and he still gave me a d. this will help him in the future a lot more than a bad grade. he will get hired in displays real quick. >> the guy who taped him could have said to the teacher, i disagree. the teacher could have said, you have the right to do that. >> i don't think that happens. i remember when i was young which wasn't that long ago -- >> i didn't say anything. >> at berkeley i used to sit in so many classes where you could not -- >> berkeley? that is really liberal. whole next level liberal.
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>> you would sit there and say i don't really want to raise my hand as the guy is going against melville. you just have to sit there and is say, i don't really want to get involved. >> you should wear your c minus with honor. you stand for principals. you can't just let these things fly 6789. >> i love the bad grades i got. >> do you think he should have been fired? saying there should be voter suppression. a poli-sci person shouldn't be saying that. >> i agree with him. everybody doesn't deserve a vote. >> you should be a poli-sci teacher or hang around with me a lot. >> everybody should vote on "american idol." >> you can call the class poli-fly and have the picture with sunglasses. you can be the cool teacher. >> there is something very
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officey about it. how the boss in the office didn't want to be a boss. he wanted to be entertain manage. entertaining. he wants to be entertaining and not profess. you see that a lot with teachers. it is the guy that wants to be cool. >> it is like he was trying out for, what was it? air america? he was hoping to get a job and he wants to do that. there was no teaching involved. it wasn't even -- a good left wing rant, that's not bad. this was garbage. >> keep this mind this was edited too. we are not privy to the entire curriculum, right? it was a little selective. >> speaking of editing, can we get all of that out? can we blur everything she just said? >> bill, by pointing out we willed dit her out, we can't edit her out. >> you have to kill me now. >> here is what you do. edit her, blur him and then put music over what i am saying now so that people don't know that i said blur her and edit him with the
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music. i prefer something jaunty. >> can you come back to me and put a goatee on me and maybe a ponytail just for the next segment? that would look cool. >> now we wasted too much time with explanations to the director. >> oh, give sherrod a viking helmet! >> i brought one. >> i need help. >> now we've got at least three minutes we have to take out of the show. thank god we got that three minutes of me sun bathing. all right, coming up, is it important to read to your kids? lori rothman discusses her new book "sure, after i finish this blunt" horrible mother, horrible mother. but first, we are probably not going to do this story. instead we will do the one on condoleezza rice because if we don't do that one tonight it will be old tomorrow. on your prepaid card?
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the reloadable card with no fee reloads and withdrawals at chase atms. all for one flat monthly fee so there's zero confusion. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. major flub? when the world's greatest golfers are meeting for the masters, a curling event i believe, they have seen something they haven't before, giant sea weed monsters. it is the first thins they admitted two women, a former secretary -- how did she do that? >> a personal uh systems. >> condoleezza rice and business woman dore law moore and -- darla moore. she said, i didn't know they hired women writers. this is just a start. you just shook your head, lori. i was mocking sexism.
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i mock sexism. >> i i am so over you right now, greg. >> stop touching me. >> it took augusta national nearly 80 years to invite the first two female members into the club. it took one of them less than two days to be the most recognizable and popular member of the play. >> who is the black woman? >> but our old buddy begs to differ. >> i think this is really disturbing and shameful that condoleezza rice uh you -- allowed herself to join this all white basically, all men basically club with no set of demands, no requirements, no set of interests being presented on behalf of the people who have been excluded. if you are the only black person in the room, if you are the only woman in the room, conde, you are probably in the wrong room and you should be ashamed of yourself. >> at least he doesn't feel strongly. he looks handsome. he has been working out. for mr on this let's go -- for
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more let's go live to panda eating toast. >> i can't eat toast. i am on on an atkins diet. president would it prevent jackie robinson from breaking the color barrier in baseball? or is this a different thing because it is far more secluded or excluded from baseball? >> i understand the point, but there is a lot of pressure on condoleezza rice. that's a bummer. >> augusta, they have to fix some stuff. she probably said, don't use us as a token and try to bring real women in and average women in and regular women, like regular everyday women and maybe try some athletes, why don't you?
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>> i read it would kill them. >> bill -- no i am going to lori. two weep has joined and -- two women have joined and are they tokens? >> i have embraced that role. i think condoleezza rice in particular is a passionate golfer and sports fan. i think she loves the game so much that she truly wanted to be a member to enjoy the masters and play golf herself. i think putting the pressure on her to make a social and political statement is unfair and stupid. >> i heard she was so into golf she showed up with some of her friends and waltzed right in and left them outside because she wanted to play. >> she has done enough for the country and public service. she has had some career. >> do you think it is only going to be women as long as they are well known like sherrod said? >> this is the start of it.
12:25 am
conde staired down cheney for a couple years. there will be nothing to shake and rattle her. >> this is the first of many. >> if she can handle an 80-year-old white man with a bad heart, she can handle anything. >> as a sequential hemaphrodite you are not welcome at the masters, what do you think of that, jerk? >> i will say this time you didn't start it with a jerk. now i can answer. mark cannot be talking about people being in the wrong room when he is conducting a news thing wearing what he had just worn to softball practice. at least put a collared shirt on. he is wearing a philly t-shirt. >> he was working out and wanted to show it off. >> look, i realize you named your guns fair and balanced. you want to flex them for all to see. and i don't need your sexiness rubbed in.
12:26 am
face. wear a button down. >> i can't believe the reaction to his appearance. >> it is disrespectful to the newsroom that is the huffington post. you don't know -- >> by the way, i think they filmed that whole thing in a tebaro. >> they don't want the publicity. >> and how -- and it is not exactly crawling with black people. >> what do you mean, darling? we have at least two of them. >> it picks me up at the airport. >> is that black? >> love you ariana. >> she is great. >> mark is right though. i side with mark. >> now you changed your mind. >> she is sherr i always side with him. >> it sounds like a children's
12:27 am
show. >> it is like he read up on something i didn't read up on. >> they are destructive and per per -- pernisivy. we have to go. do you have a comment? do you have a video of your animal doing something? i would love to see it anyway. click on submit a video. still to come, who cares about the half time report. maybe somebody cares. probably not. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by the north pole. the end of the ax success of rotation mark -- the end of the axis of rotation. thanks, north pole.
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we're back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. hi, andy. >> how are you, greg? >> doing great. ready for a hot bath half time, bubbling with information and excitement. there it goes. >> jay-z raps about his cuba visit. you asked if president obama helped hulva to havana. do you noy what that means? >> absolutely not. >> do you want to know what it means? >> no. >> hulva is the nickname that jay-z gave himself because it is short for jehovah because he is the king of rap. and he used to be on the show
12:32 am
kathy lee and jehovah. >> don't you do that. >> i would like to say he didn't use my just havana good line in the rap. just another reason to believe he is the overrated rapper of our time. >> you know who gave him a run for his money today? dana perino. >> but she is not overrated as a rapper. >> i should have had that ready. while we do half time maybe somebody can find it. >> i am just as happy you didn't. >> you hating on dana. >> no, i love dana which is why i don't want to see that again. jay we are never going to show highlights of "the five" on" red eye." i refuse to do that. >> thank you, sherrod. and sherrod, i agree. obviously jay-z's line about getting white house clearance was a line. i thought carney's line about saying nothing rhymes with
12:33 am
treasury. >> i thought it was hilarious. you can rhyme like treasury and jay-z. >> these rappers can make it happen. i have seen lil wayne rhyme words that i didn't own in words. >> they weren't. >> that explains a lot. >> you say jay and beyonce spend a lot of time at parties with the president and probably discussed the cuba trip with him. seriously? >> i think discuss like a formal discussion, but just like a light, easy, small talk and maybe they had a few drinks. like, hey, maybe it is fun to check out cuba. i am just making a -- >> you are making stuff up, i understand. >> andy, i want to defend her because i rarely do. they were sitting there and president obama said, hey, jay-z, why don't you go to a communist country that has a history of brutal oppression and anti-american rhetoric and you can support the shirt of a
12:34 am
communist killer and proud racist. >> no, look -- >> jay-z, thanks for raising so many tens of thousands of dollars for my re-election campaign. right? >> say whether or not she is right. >> sure. >> you know what? ?efer mind. keep going. >> you said all girls do in sororities is eat and throw up? you forgot the pillow fights. >> you know what, not as many pillow fights anymore. they don't have enough strength because they keep throwing up. >> serious note, it is fine to think celebrities going to cuba could be a bad idea. the rnc go together white house on this is ridiculous. this is why nobody takes benghazi seriously. you turn it all into an outrage obama and it is obama
12:35 am
did this and obama did that. most of the time he didn't. the one time he did mob believes you. >> you are using the boy who cried wolf thing. >> however, there are two holes if that. one of them is a lot of people don't follow those stories because they don't like fox news who is following the stories and number two -- shoot, number two -- >> i think number one was enough. people don't like fox news. >> people in the media do not like tokes news. >> number two, it is a shoe on the other foot, blah, blah, blah. i wonder what dana pe ri na would say. >> ♪ my name is tiny d ♪ i am here to say ♪ i bust funky fresh shrines ♪ ♪ i have a dog named casper. if you don't think beyonce fears me ask her ♪ ♪ if you love your freedom, pick jp ♪ ♪ that's me
12:36 am
>> andy, i had to do that as revenge. >> i think it is downloaded to his i-pod. >> is it over? >> oh my god, how can you not love that? >> she is so adorable. >> she busted a funky beat. >> your name is al. what are you hear to say? >> you are ambudsing in a powerful way. >> the anti-republican rant. >> i am not mad, i am disappointed. >> i guess i better skip that. >> buck, you said this was third tier and it was a keith olberman speech.
12:37 am
he went on a rant about how al gore won the -- really won the presidency in 2000 because he won more votes. >> you can get away with saying anything when you are this guy. it doesn't matter. >> he is right. we have an electoral college system where you would think a poli-sci professor would know about. >> being a poli-sci professor means nothing. he would be honest about where he is coming from, but this guy is not even good at being a left wing communist kind of guy. not even good. >> bill you were upset, dare i say livid? the student just recorded the class and didn't speak up or challenged the professor. >> that's fine. he encourages an open debate. it does president -- it doesn't quite cut it. there is a power imbalance that your pretending doesn't exist.
12:38 am
>> i am not pretending it doesn't exist, but i won't say it allows him to say all of the things he said in class. this guy is upset as he was. >> what matters if he gets a c. engage the guy. he was talking to people about the bias after the fact he did nothing at the time. >> you have to throw it down. >> you know what is easy? a recording device. >> i disagree with you guys. >> he should throw it down on the ground. >> i talked about my 14-year-old niece -- i mean my 17-year-old nephew going through this a lot in high school and in junior college. you just shut up. it is easy for you guys to say oh i am going to throw down. you guys are adults. when you are in high school you don't throw down because you worry about your future and you worry about grades and you worry about not looking cool. >> i used to go after teacher
12:39 am
stuff. >> i would challenge them on anything. i would challenge anything. i don't believe that is right. show me the proof. >> half the time it would be you talking and nobody else is in the room. you can't challenge an inanimate object. >> you know we were agreeing, right? >> yes. >> i was bt -- i wasn't yelling at you. >> i just don't want to get the e-mails late at night, how could you say that? >> from me? >> yes. >> i wonder what day nay would have to say. i wonder what dana would have to say? >> should conde rice have joined the national? >> get other black people in the room. you have to start somewhere. >> i was hoping there would be a wide shot for that question. >> it will be really wide because you have black cameraman over there. >> i know what market it is, and on thursday evening we had a twitter back and forth and i have no idea if conde was
12:40 am
doing all of the things you thought. he responded stupid and i made a second good poi tbl t and he responded with something stupid and i said something amazingly perfect he was forced to admit i was right and then he deleted his twitter account. >> you are lying. >> true story. absolutely true story. >> de ago tau -- de activated, not deleted. >> he went into a mets versus phillies thing. >> you know what happened? they were in a heated, tweeted bat legal and andy -- battle and a girl came over and they just went off and had sex. and andy was left own tweeting and tweeting and tweeting. >> i sent 50 tweets that got no responses. >> an hour and a half, two hours away. just walk out of the bedroom.
12:41 am
he has a beard and he sees all of these tweets. he goes, ya, you win. >> and then he turned to his student and said you should probably go now. >> my 3 p.m. is here. >> i am done. >> yes, you are. go away. so as many of you know my mom has been in the hospital for awhile. she is hanging in there and as fiesty as ever. a lot you have have asked about sending her a card. you can't send it to the hospital because it will get picked up. if you want to send a card send it to me. there you go. get well jackie, care of "red eye." new york, new york. i will get them and i will send them to my mom myself. i'm sure it will make her very happy. we will be back after this. later.
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wow. all right. he had the gal to bring up adder roll. the seattle seahawks, one of their stars, richard sherman is in hot water, not literally after saying the nfl should let the adhd drug because, quote, half the league takes it, end quote. always have to use the end quote. a rep said they are ill informed and inaccurate. if a statement was true we would see more positive tests and suspensions. more importantly the comments ignore the use of aderol. it was only to have it overturned. it later claimed that they have been prescribed for legit reasons. we should do something about this. we should discuss it in the -- >> lightning
12:46 am
rooooooooouuuuunnnnnddd. lightning round. felt right. >> it was good. >> felt good. thanks, guys. felt good. >> it was good, enough! wow. >> do you think that they are all -- everybody is on aderol, right? >> here is the biggest problem with the story. the guy was busted for using aderol last year and they overturned it because they said they tested it wrong. why need the test? he said, guy, i love aderol. what do you need the test for? lori as someone who is on a number of drugs at any one moment, do you blame the doctors for over prescribing this? aderol now is a performance drug for everybody. >> it is like a nuclear arms race. if everybody would start disarming we would be on a level playing field, but you need it to keep up. >> what does it do for an nfl player?
12:47 am
you study the book faster? >> that's a good one. fare point. >> it is not like weed. >> i meant in terms of it doesn't amplify performance. >> it will keep you up for three days and you are amped. it is an upper. i will give uh couple later on. >> could aderol be dangerous if you exert yourself and your heart rate goes up? >> or a lot of coffee. coffee is an amazing performanc enhancing drug. >> and it helps with your poop. it does. >> like i need that. >> don't get him started. >> bill, what type of advantage does an aderol user have being the expert in all things. >> if everybody is doing it then there is zero advantage. the playing field is level, but i love the comment inappropriate -- the only time adero l is used
12:48 am
inappropriately when a guy won't take no at the bar. the third martini and the guy is not making eye contact. i got the script i am working on and i -- did i tell you i worked at goldman sacks? >> this sounds like a specific individual. >> you know, people have to understand aderol is speed. now we legalize it which all should be controlled. >> you can always convince a doctor there is low energy. you are like, i can use a little more juice. >> i have a problem staying attention, doc. >> you can always use more energy. >> we have to take a break. don't even think of leaving now. there is more stuff to talk about "joy of hate,"
12:49 am go to amazon and buy it and run into me on the street and i will sign it.
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>> i will need to steal that idea. could soft rock beat the communist block? a memo reveals during the cold war the u.s. stopped sending
12:53 am
bob dylan and james taylor to the soviet union and maybe ours if they left. the former u.s. ambassador wrote songs like american pie would be a hit with the oppressed. other artists includes leonard skynard. sherrod, is there a better act we could have used over james taylor. >> that music sounds boring as i don't know what. james brown didn't he do i live in america? >> he did it about 10 to 15 years after the story. >> that's when it was a party. james taler is really going to get ?u -- what will it do for you? >> what is it going to do to russia? will they band together and
12:54 am
sing together? i don't buy it. >> let me ask you, do you use sherrod's phrasing buy it. and what about places like iran? >> as a former cia guy you play nsync loud enough the iranians are like, we don't want to fight anymore. they are into it. they are a couple decades behind and so go with the right boy band. go with the wrong one and the guns come out. >> what did you do on the cia desk? >> i was on the iraq desk. >> oh! >> shouldn't they have -- of course you will always come back because you love it here. >> and we force you. >> it is the pictures that keep you coming back. >> shouldn't they play michael jackson? that seemed to bring everybody
12:55 am
together. that was back when michael jackson would order them to. >> i want to get lori in this because we have to take a break. >> i think you have much more interesting funny things to say. i am totally fine. >> you are backing out of the segment? >> she didn't send the whole show map so i wasn't prepared to talk about this topic. >> are you quite pluses blee the only -- possibly the only guest we have ever had -- >> are you saying tara didn't do her job? there are plenty of people who want to work here. >> did you ever fire somebody on the air? >> it just happened now. lori, congratulations. sleep well tonight knowing you ruined somebody's life. >> stop. you know you can't part with her. we will close things out with a post game wrap up from andy levy. and to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye.
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i will be hosting "the o'reilly factor" on friday and a new" red eye" is on saturday. you have to watch it. 8:00 p.m. pacific. guests include dana perino and tucker carlson and bernie mcgirk. 11:00 eastern on saturday. please do. back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> buck, i will ask uh question i don't understand. why didn't you bring your pet steroid ferret this. >> you know about the pet steroid fer writ? a guy in argentina was selling tiny poodles. they were ferrets that were roided up. if you look at the photo they are amazing. check out the roid ferret. >> are you on fox business? >> i will be on entertain meant talking about tax cheats. >> that's fun. sherrod, quickly. >> i have my new shop pic


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